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Toddler Daycare

As your infant grows, so does their world.

Age:  12 Months to 2 Years
Schedule:  Monday- Friday 6:45am – 6pm
Offered: September-June or Year-Round

We help them explore, become more social and thrive through music, art and games that develop their gross and fine motor skills. Parents will receive a daily written report of feeding, sleeping, diapering and play activities. We will share learning stories and important observations with you each day.

A Safe and Stimulating Environment

The toddler room is designed for exploration and learning. We comply with strict regulations governing the space and equipment in the room. Our teachers are trained observers and recognize the importance of a safe environment. A maximum of 10 toddlers per room will be accepted in this program which will provide individualized care.  A staff ratio of 5 to 1 per room will maintain extensive communications between the Center and the home.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) -based on the results of assessments and testing, ABA services may be available for children with identified behavioral needs and/or skill deficits. Applied Behavior Analysis is considered “best practice” and employs various techniques including positive reinforcement, prompting, modeling, generalization and breaking tasks into smaller steps.

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