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Your Extraordinary Child’s Success Story Unfolds!

At the preschool level, children are provided an educationally based, intensive learning experience that is licensed by the PA Department of Education and incorporates their core content standards.  The preschool curriculum includes language arts, math, reading, science, social studies, social skills, music, art, gym, technology and social/emotional development.

Our curriculum aligns with the surrounding school districts to help provide a smooth transition into kindergarten.  We offer resources and support to our families.

We base your child’s personal program on the initial snapshot our experts develop before enrollment. Every child’s day in our state-of-the art preschool features common elements:

Your extraordinary child is poised to succeed in preschool!

  • The “World of Wonders” curriculum with lessons designed to address the needs of all learners through differentiated instructional pathways.
  • Small ratios that assign one highly skilled teacher for every four students.
  • Structured direction and routines to reinforce social and behavioral learning.
  • Exercise and play in our spacious gym and outdoor playground.
  • Inclusive classrooms where children learn from teachers and peers.
  • Small group break out sessions to engage your child at his level.
  • Therapeutic activities, including one-on-one applied behavior analysis’ service, for those students meeting established clinical criteria. 
  • Specialized Assessments, including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) can be provided when needed.
  • Incorporates assistance for student success ranging from therapists, support staff to members of the community.
  • Creative, sensory activities that engage all the senses to spark learning.
  • Opportunities for rest or stimulation in our special sensory rooms.