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Kindergarten Ready

Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Bright Beginners Academy Prepares Your Extraordinary Child to Succeed in Kindergarten From The Very First Day.

Many preschools don’t. Without preparation, exceptional children may walk through classroom doors straight into crisis. Parents, administrators and teachers struggle to understand needs. Individual education plans and assistance take months to arrange. Progress lags and so does joy for learning.

Bright Beginners graduates are ready for kindergarten. Schools are prepared, too. Teacher and student enter the classroom as a team because our graduates receive:

  • Early help: Early assessment and intervention can reduce or avoid kindergarten difficulties.
  • Required skills: Our programs align with Pennsylvania’s education standards.
  • A graduation portrait: Sent ahead to your child’s school, this package details needs, program at Bright Beginners, history, accomplishments and more.
  • Staff hand-off: Our staff interfaces with your child’s school to plan the transition.
Your Child’s Graduation Portrait Jumpstarts Kindergarten Success.

Your child’s success story opened with a “before” snapshot  and finishes with a proud graduation portrait showing everything his next school needs to know. His school uses the portrait to create individual education plans and arrange extra help before school starts. This portrait is unique to Bright Beginners Academy – and a critical step to your child’s smooth transition to kindergarten.

Graduation portraits help kindergartners and schools hit the playground running together.

Start kindergarten preparation today by scheduling a visit to Bright Beginners Academy.

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

  • He follows rules and directions.
  • She sits still and listens quietly for short periods.
  • He performs basic self-care like dressing, feeding and toileting.
  • She recognizes colors, shapes, some numbers and some letters.
  • He has fine motor control, writes names and numbers, and can color.
  • She recognizes letters, numbers and counts to 20.
  • He communicates successfully with adults and peers.
  • She interacts appropriately with adults and peers.
  • He manages his emotions, behaviors and impulses.
  • She shows interest in learning.
  • He is comfortable in a classroom environment.
  • She is able to separate from home and caretakers.

Take the first step by visiting Bright Beginners Academy.