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Team Leader Bios

Samar Zehra

Early Childhood Director at Bright Beginners Academy


York University
Ontario, Canada
Bachelor of Social Work in Honors Program

Samar Zehra comes with many years of child and youth experience in many different capacities.

Samar joined the Bright Beginners Academy team in August 2023. She moved here from Canada, where she has worked with children and youth. Samar comes to Bright Beginners Academy with over 13 years of experience in early childhood education and child development. Her passion for cultivating young minds and creating a space where children can flourish has been a driving force throughout her career.

Samar’s commitment to BBA families is unwavering. She believes that every child is a unique individual with boundless potential, and she is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that encourages exploration, learning, and growth. She values open communication and collaboration with parents, as their insights and involvement play a crucial role in shaping our community.

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