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Team Leader Bios

Michael Murphy

Our Bright Beginners Academy Early Childhood Director

Mr. Mike is a graduate of Temple University with a Bachelors of Science in Education with Teaching Certifications in Elementary (K-6) and Early Childhood (N-3). 

He has taught for over ten years in a variety of classroom settings including a charter school in Southwest Philadelphia, an inclusive preschool setting in Bucks County and Easter Seals of Southeast PA. His classroom experiences range from working with non-verbal children with special needs to establishing a sense of understanding and cooperation amongst diverse groups. 

Michael joined the Bright Beginners Academy family in 2019, serving first as a Pre K Counts teacher and was subsequently appointed as Early Childhood Director.

In this role, he seeks to create a positive, supportive environment for his staff with a focus on experiential learning with high expectations for student growth and development. 

By emphasizing the utilization of developmentally appropriate practices and affording his staff the opportunity to use creativity in meeting the needs of students produces the perfect environment for achievement. 

Mike’s education and management philosophy focuses on the importance and universal benefits of inclusive programming by creating a positive, supportive work environment.

As a proponent of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Michael and his staff believe that there are no “bad” kids, just sad choices. Just as adults can make mistakes along the way, children can easily do the same.

His love for teaching and working with children began at an early age. Mike helped his mom as babysitter and volunteered extensively to work with young children during his teens. Many of the mentoring relationships he forged during those years remain strong to this day.

 Mike and his staff guide even the youngest of children in building resiliency, to step up and try again. They bring a level of joy and excitement to the classroom that is contagious. 

Mike has a demonstrated ability to help his students continue to reach or even exceed the established expectations. Whether a student, parent or a caregiver, you will feel his support and know that you are encouraged to meet any challenge.

Mr. Mikes’ colleagues and former students agree that you will never observe him giving up on a child, a parent or a member of his amazing staff. Every circumstance allows for a positive moment for praise as an accompaniment to the lesson to be taught. 

Mr. Mike lives in Bensalem with his two sons. He coaches and is a Director of Intramural Soccer at Parkwood Youth Organization minutes away from BBA. He has coached 3-5 year old soccer for the last 4 years and continues to instill lessons of sportsmanship, empathy and self-regulation both on the field and off. 

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