“Graduation Portrait”

Your Child’s Graduation Portrait Jumpstarts Kindergarten Success.

Your child’s success story opened with a “before” snapshot  and finishes with a proud graduation portrait showing everything his next school needs to know. His school uses the portrait to create individual education plans and arrange extra help before school starts. This portrait is unique to Bright Beginners Academy – and a critical step to your child’s smooth transition to kindergarten.

Graduation portraits help kindergartners and schools hit the playground running together.

Take the first step by visiting Bright Beginners Academy.

Your child’s graduation portrait displays his vivid history at Bright Beginners Academy: his initial snapshot, needs, accomplishments, therapeutic interventions and Bright Beginners Academy program. It provides information to build on, too: his strengths, interests and likely future needs. Our staff communicates with your child’s school prior to kindergarten to help ensure a smooth transition.

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