Explaining the Assessment Process

Our Experts Develop A Snapshot of Your Extraordinary Child

We develop a “snapshot” of your child through a six-step process. The snapshot helps build a custom program for him. Not every assessment requires all steps:

  • Email, text, call or chat: Tell us your child’s challenges, talents and diagnosis (if available). Or simply request that we reach out. Our staff responds promptly.
  • Visit: A two-person expert team tours the facility with your family. They speak with you and answer questions while also observing and interacting with your child to begin assessing needs.
  • Send: Send background information if you have it: diagnoses, reports, assessments, therapeutic plans and more. Background is helpful but not required for enrollment.
  • Assess:  We recommend and schedule additional assessments if necessary.
  • Outline: We outline your child’s program using information from visits, background and assessments. We also investigate additional assistance options. We’ll contact you to discuss the outline.
  • Enroll:  Your child’s success story opens at Bright Beginners!

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