The “Big Ideas” Approach

Big Ideas Spark Your Extraordinary Child’s Imagination

Your child’s preschool success story features “Big Ideas”: overarching concepts that children need to know in life and school. Students learn a new Big Idea weekly such as “Making Friends” or “Learning together “or “Community Helpers”.

Each Big Idea’s lesson plan teaches and reinforces specific skills. Each builds on the one before and helps fulfill Pennsylvania’s Core Content Standards requirements for kindergarten.

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What’s the Big Idea?

Big Ideas lessons repeat and emphasize skills in fun, engaging ways that create mastery. Children love them and learn because they are multi-sensory, geared to individual strengths and challenge more each day. Learning the letter A? Your child may write the letter with a pencil while another finds it in a sandbox and still another listens to a song about the letter A. As the Big Idea continues during the week, small groups split off for more practice. One advanced group of four heads to the gym to shout out A words while a group of three with movement difficulties dots A shapes with colorful stamps in the classroom.