31 Aug A New Day at BBA

You’ve just walked into BBA, the winding driveway gives you that sense that you are somewhere special. When you push the doorbell to enter the building, you can already hear the welcoming greetings from our front office staff. They may be wearing masks, but their eyes can tell you that they are happy you are here. While your own little Bright Beginner pulls at your hand to show the exciting decorations of the season, you take your temperature through our no contact thermometer.

When your child lets go of your hand, you know they are safe. They might lunge into the arms of Ms. Lianne or dance down the hall with Ms. Amy. We ease the child’s transition with engaging questions or fun distractions. Here at Bright Beginners, they know that their day has just begun but there is a lot to do.

When they enter the classroom, they wave hello to their teacher and put away their backpack and lunch box in their own personal cubby. They find their name and point out the letters they know while Ms. Marquisa greets them and invites them to the activity on the rug. The children are distanced, but they still play together. Ashlyn holds up a toy pig while the other children all make oink sounds. When Elijah claps his hands, everyone smiles. Ms. Tatiana wipes down the tables and chairs, making sure there is a clean space for snack. Ms. Mercedes is putting on her gloves ready to start the diaper changes as Ms. Gloria calls over the Walkie Talkie to announce another summer birthday. 

Back in the Preschool Classroom, Ms. Bri is teaching about respecting our bubble space and making sure students are being safe. Joey gets a little close to Sophie and you can hear her say “Back up please, you’re popping my bubble.” Sade is decorating a new mask to wear for circle time and Riley is taking a mask break while looking at a book in the cozy corner. Ms. Elizabeth greets them as she cleans off the tables and puts out the food program’s individually wrapped lunches. Children ask to be the lunch helper, but as their teacher explains, we have to be safe and that means today it is Ms. Elizabeth’s job to set up lunches. 

When Ms. Jackie stops in with the stroller of babies, the children send air hugs their way and jump back into their centers. The babies kick their feet and giggle while Ms. Alyssa wipes their noses, changes her gloves and wipes another nose. Each infant has their own rattles and chewers that gives them the sensory input that helps with teething. A pacifier drops on the group and is quickly scooped up, sanitized and and put out of reach until needed. The babies wave “bye bye” and get ready for lunch themselves. 

It is all smiles as the children are asked questions about their day and share jokes or stories from home while they wash their hands and prepare to eat. When we sit down to eat we say thank you however we are able. A thumbs up, a smile or a nice loud “THANK YOU” and making sure everyone has what they need before we begin the meal. 

This is just a start to your child’s time with us. It is their own bright beginning to the world around them. While you have been their teacher thus far, our staff will be their guides as they explore friendship, academics and this new normal we find ourselves in. We ensure the safety of your child, but they will get messy as  they engage in sensory based and inclusive education strategies that blur the lines of who is “different” and instead embraces our unique needs and approaches that make us that much Brighter. More than ever children need to have safe spaces where they can learn at their own pace and in positive environments. The future shines bright at Bright Beginners Academy. 

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